Watermelon Blueberry ,Feta Cheese and Mint Salad

This salad is one of my favorite things to eat & make during summer. A refreshing blueberry, watermelon, feta cheese, mint salad made with a simple dressing for a perfect sweet and savory salad for any summer celebration. Ingredients: 8 cups diced watermelon 1 1/2cups blueberry 1/4cup fresh chopped mint leaves 1/2cup crumbled feta cheese... Continue Reading →

Black- Eyed Beans Curry (Lobia)

Black eyed beans recipe is very easy to prepare, and lightly-spiced. Black eyed- beans are a quick cooking bean, this mean you can have this dish on the table in less than one hour. I am using dry bean not the canned bean. Serves:4 Ingredients: 1cup Black-eyed beans, (dried) soaked before one hour 1-1/2tbsp Oil... Continue Reading →


Mint raita, is very delicious refreshing and cooling raita recipe made from yogurt, fresh mint leaves, and some spice. Perfect raita recipe for summer. Serves:4 Ingredients: 2-4tbsp chopped coriander leaves 1cup fresh mint leaves 1 1/4cups yogurt Salt to taste 1pinch black salt 1/2tbsp roasted cumin powder Method: Take 1cup fresh mint leaves,4tbsp chopped coriander,2-3tbsp... Continue Reading →

Mint Coriander Chutney with Raw Mango

Tangy, spicy mint, coriander, and raw mango chutney will simply refresh your taste Perfect spread with stuffed or plain parathas, sandwiches. Serve with kabab, pakoras, grills. Ingredients: 1 Mini raw mango Small bunch or 1/2cup of coriander Small bunch of mint leaves 3-4 green chili 2-3inch ginger piece 1 small onion 1 tbsp sugar Pinch... Continue Reading →

Saffron-Mango Lassi

Saffron mango lassi is a traditional drink from India. Mango lassi recipe is very quick and easy. Make in this summer a very refreshing and different mango drink and enjoy it. Serve: 4-5 Ingredients: 1 ½ cups mango pulp(chilled) 1cup yogurt 3/4cup milk Sugar to taste 8-10 saffron thread (soaked with hot water) Pinch of... Continue Reading →

Homemade Garlic Naan

Here I will be telling you how to make quick, easy and delicious garlic naan at home with regular Tawa, without using Yeast and Tandoor or Oven. Ingredients: 2cups all purpose flour/Maida 1/2tbsp baking soda 1/2tbsp salt 1tbsp powdered sugar 1/2cup plain yogurt (Dahi) 2tbsp oil Warm water as required Some finely chopped garlic coriander... Continue Reading →

Bottle Gourd (Lauki) yogurt base curry

Ingredients: Bottle guard 1 cup curd 2 tomato puree 1big onion paste 5-6 garlic clove paste 2inch ginger root paste Spice 1tbsp cumin 1/4tbsp Asafetida 5tbsp fennel seed powder 1/4tbsp black cardamom powder 1/3tbsp turmeric powder 1tbsp Kashmiri Mirch Salt to taste 2tbsp Oil Instruction : Peel and chop bottle guard in big pieces, and... Continue Reading →

Virgin Mint Mojito

Mint mojito is made with fresh squeezed lime, fresh mint leaves, and soda or sprinkles water. The refreshing drink for hot summer night.  I am using soda if you want you can add rum splash of pomegranate liquor or fresh berries. You will be able to enjoy this cocktail in less than 5 minutes. Serve:... Continue Reading →

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is very refreshing on a hot day. It helps in keeping your body hydrated &  gives radiant glow on the outside. It is very easy. Serve- 4 Ingredients : Small watermelon (2-3 kg) Fresh Mint leaves 15-20 Black salt Small lemon Instruction : First,  cut watermelon into small pieces. Then put it in... Continue Reading →


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