Baba Ghanoush

Baba ganoush is a vegan middle eastern delicious and healthy starter or appetizer made of brinjal tahini and other super healthy ingredients.Baba ghanoush is simple to make with five ingredients.Brinjal rost with open fire or use oven. Ingredients: 1medium-large brinjal 1/2 cup tahini 6-7 garlic clove(roasted) 1 small lemon(juice) 1tsp cumin powder(roasted) 1tsp paprika 1-2tsp olive... Continue Reading →


Baingan(eggplant)Ka Bharta

Baingan ka bharta recipe is the dish that is packed with flavor from rich onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes.Baingan ka bharta is a south Asia dish that originated in Punjab bearinga resemblance to baba ghanoush.Generally, baingan bharta make with brinjal but my mother adds little-mashed potato also, which makes it very yummy. Roasted and peeled and mashed... Continue Reading →

Besan(chickpea flour) ka Halwa

Besan ka halwa is very easy and quick to prepare this can be served any time.My father liked too much this when he had a cold and cough every time said my mother makes it for me besan halwa and really his cold will go.Because besan ka halwa is an effective nuskhe(home remedies)for curing a cold and... Continue Reading →

Gond Ke Laddu

Gond ladoo is a popular dish found in Rajasthan.Gond is edible gum, extracted from the bark of a tree. Pale brownish yellow colored crystal of gond are easily available in the shop. Gond(katira) can be used to keep the body cool in summer and hot during winter. When soaked in water is used to keep the body cool.... Continue Reading →

Rajgira(ramdana)ke ladoo

Rajgira ladoos are very easy and healthy.These ladoos made with puffed rajgira seeds.Rajgira or Ramdana as it is popularly known in Northern India is a powerhouse of nutrients.Rajgira is a good source of calcium, protein, and magnesium. Rajgira is gluten-free grain also.These ladoos were usually made by my mother during winter and during any fast like Shivaratri, Navratri, Janmashtami... Continue Reading →

Buckwheat(kuttu)&Singhara ki Puri

Kuttu ki puri is a common recipe made for Shivratri, Navratri upvas(vrat)or any fast. this puri can be made very easily.Kuttu and singhara ke atte ki puri is healthy and can be digested easily. Kuttu flour and singhara flours are both gluten-free. Ingredients: 1-1/2cups Buckwheat flour 1 1/2 cups singhara flour 3-4 medium size boiled potatoes(grated Fresh green coriender1-2tsp(finely chopped) 2-3... Continue Reading →

Gajar(Carrot) ka halwa or gajrela

Gajar ka halwa also known as gajrela or gajorer halwa, is a carrot -based sweet dessert. This dessert is made traditionally in India, mainly on the occasion of Diwali, Holi, Eid-Al-Fitr and Raksha Bandhan.It is served hot in winter. Gajar ka halwa is a very delicious and healthy sweet for parties. Ingredients: 1kg. carrot (peeled and grated) 1lit. milk... Continue Reading →

Paneer Hara-Pyaza

Paneer Hara Pyaza orPaneer with spring onion recipe is very delicious and tasty. As fresh spring onion are available these days make it a tasty tangy vegetable. serve with nan,rumali roti paratha puri, kulcha etc. Ingredients; 200 gm.cottage cheese 250 gm.fresh spring onion(cut into small pieces) 1 1/2 cup tomato paste 1tbs ginger and garlic paste 1... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Jam

Fresh homemade Strawberry jam made without pectin, it is so easy and is made with three ingredients.It is a very simple recipe and serves with bread, donuts filling, pancake etc. Jam can be consumed directly by applying on top toasted bread especially for breakfast. Ingredients: 400gm.Fresh Strawberries 250-300gm.granualated sugar 1tsp lemon zest 1-2tbsp lemon juice Method: First,... Continue Reading →

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